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186 videos indexed

FAQ is a web application that allows you to find the specific timeframe in a YouTube video where a particular word/phrase was mentioned.

Currently the application indexes 186 videos from Richard Heart's YouTube channel.

Richard Heart's videos and those of community HEX YouTubers have offered substantial knowledge around crypto and various other topics.

After watching countless hours of HEX related videos, I often reflected on certain interesting ideas and topics around crypto/finance/blockchain. Most of those videos are 1hr+ in duration and often I wanted to share those insights with others. But locating the relevant video and at the specific time was time consuming. Therefore, being a software engineer it was an interesting challenge to address creating a tool that I hope others will find useful too. is a side project as a contribution to the HEX ecosystem. Following community feedback the roadmap will be adjusted, but at the time being it sits roughly as follows:

  • Index more useful videos
  • Introducing sorting/pagination options
  • Improving system scalability
  • .....

You made it this far! I do hope you find this tool useful.
A polyglot software engineer, wanting to contribute with my skills to the HEX community.
You may find me on twitter @caj622.

If you would like to support the project, any donation is welcomed.